Scott Neeley Architecture creates carefully-crafted, thoughtful designs that respect history and embrace modern materials and methods. Our designs are characterized by four qualities:

  • Appropriate Response to Context: We begin the design process with a thorough analysis of the existing environment: climate, typography, historic or existing architectural influences, usage patterns, zoning and infrastructure. By identifying and evaluating this information with our clients, we can visualize possible architectural solutions appropriate for their particular place.
  • Aesthetic Clarity: We begin our work in three dimensions by organizing spaces through manipulations of mass, scale, and material. Our forms reflect their particular functions and are responsive to the play of light. We consider the textural and chromatic qualities of materials and look for clarity and crispness in the expression of volumes and details.
  • Understanding of Construction: Our designs are grounded in our own experience as builders. We balance our commitment to the craft of building with the realities of construction practices, budgets, and schedules. We use this expertise to help ensure that our clients' buildings fully meet their expectations.
  • Stewardship: We are committed to developing architectural solutions that use space, material, and energy efficiently. Part of each design process is an evaluation of short and long term costs - both financial and environmental. We are personally and professionally dedicated to responsible use of the earth's finite resources. Likewise, we are careful with our clients' time and money, and treat those resources as if they were our own.

    The Ineffable: Our practice exists to create spaces that are enjoyable and memorable. Building is time, money, and resource-intensive, and the result can last for lifetimes. We approach this challenging process with our own best intentions and abilities.

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