Whether your project is a new home or a large commercial development, the process can usually be broken into these stages:

  • Schematic Design. We work with you to establish your goals and budget, document existing conditions, evaluate local zoning and building codes, then develop one or more possible design concepts and rough cost estimates.
  • Design Development. Working from your response to the design concepts and rough cost estimates, we develop one design to the point that basic structure is fixed. If your project requires planning department and/or public reviews, we produce the necessary drawings and submissions.
  • Constructions Documents. This is the "blueprints" phase - we prepare the drawings and specifications required for permitting and bidding. The documents typically include engineering and the work of other subconsultants - energy management, lighting design, etc. The documents are submitted to the local building department for permitting, and to the contractor for bidding or pricing.
  • Bidding and Negotiation. We help you locate a contractor and negotiate an appropriate construction contract.
  • Construction Administration. Once a contractor is selected, we act as your representative to the contractor. We're able to answer the many questions that come up during construction. We can help ensure that the project is consistent with the design intentions and that you get what you want.

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