How long it takes and how much it costs depends, of course, on the scale and complexity of a project, as well as the local economy. A residential renovation can sometimes be completed in just a few months. A new custom home can take a year and a half or more from concept to move-in. A complex commercial or public project that involves rezoning and public reviews can take several years.

Construction costs vary widely, depending on the level of detail, choice of materials and finishes, geographic location, and frankly, how busy local contractors are. Our recent renovation and new construction projects have ranged from the low 100s per square foot to several hundred dollars per square foot.

The cost of design services (including structural engineers and other consultants) depends on the complexity of the project. For most projects, design fees end up in the range of 10% to 20% of construction cost. Depending on the type of project, we bill hourly or on a percentage-of-construction-cost basis. A well-designed and well-managed project, when compared with a less carefully designed project, can save more in construction and lifecycle costs than the upfront cost of design services.

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